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Written by Barbara O'Neill   
Sunday, 08 March 2015 15:19

5 Facts Parents Need To Know About Dyslexia (article from Homeschool.com)


1. There is no single type of dyslexia. Dyslexia covers a wide range of difficulties. It is unique for each individual. Dyslexia causes difficulty in the skills needed for learning to read, spell and write. But it is much more than that. Dyslexia causes lots of other difficulties like being disorganized, forgetting what someone has told you or their name. Even memorizing a cell number or multiplication fact can become a struggle.

2. Dyslexia is not a disease. Dyslexia is neurological. There is no medicine that will cure dyslexia. The brain works differently. But having dyslexia does not mean you lack intelligence. Imagine your brain is like a computer that is being put to work on a task that it was never designed for. It will work less efficiently.


"It has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. You can be extremely bright and still have dyslexia." - Tim Tebow


3. Early identification is important. But make sure you get the right type of assessment! There are lots of reasons why someone can fall behind at school so it is really important to first get hearing and eyesight checked. An assessment for dyslexia should analyze neurodiversity. This means identifying an individual's learning strengths and weakness. A weakness in specific learning skills will indicate the type of dyslexia and be used to find the most effective strategies. WARNING – Many assessments that identify dyslexic difficulties do not use the word 'dyslexia'. Words like 'Auditory Processing Disorder' and 'Visual Memory Deficit' are used to diagnose the specific type of dyslexia. Remember that dyslexia is neuro diverse – it affects people in different ways.

Learn about different types of dyslexia http://www.nessy.com/us/teachers/phonological-dyslexia/ http://www.nessy.com/us/teachers/visual-dyslexia/ http://www.nessy.com/us/teachers/auditory-dyslexia/ Looking for more information? Learning Disabilities Association Of America http://ldaamerica.org/types-of-learning-disabilities/dyslexia/ National Center for Learning Disabilities (NLCD) http://www.ncld.org

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Our Concept...further defined. PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Admin   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 14:34

There was a time when everyone in the village/community knew just about everyone…or they at least knew something about them.  Today, that is all but gone…sadly.  Using ourselves as an example, we have lived in a community of 70 homes (small village)for close to 6 years.  However, I can only count on one hand the neighbors I know. 


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